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Dean’s Message

As the oldest university in Korea, SKKU (established in 1398) has produced outstanding national elites armed with Confucian ideals: warm heartedness, justice, courtesy, and wisdom. And yet SKKU is at the forefront of modernizing high-tech educational systems thanks to the generous support from the Samsung Group, the largest conglomerate in Korea to which Samsung Electronics belong.

Our graduates stand out as managers equipped with versatile real world problem solving skills, effective management tools, and personal qualities. Our training includes IT competence, volunteer work, and foreign language proficiency. We promote the importance of pursuing long-term sustainable growth worldwide. We emphasize socially responsible citizenship, environmental friendliness, open-minded global perspectives, and ethical conduct. 

A unique feature of SKK Business School is its global orientation. This is reflected in the diversity and caliber of our students and participants, in the experience of our faculty, and the focus of our curriculum. We are collaborating with top business schools and research institutions around the world. As a matter of fact, in recent years, the number of foreign students visiting SKKU has increased dramatically.

Situated in a beautiful section of the metropolitan Seoul area, the SKK Business School will surprise you with its cturesque natural gardens, old palaces, 500-year-old gingko trees, track routes similar to those near mountains. Students often enjoy cultural events in the nearby Daehakno area, which is famous for its drama and cultural performances.

We urge you to consider SKK Business School as your next academic destination.

Sangman Han, Ph.D.

Dean, SKK Business School