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SKK Business School offers two undergraduate programs, traditional BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and GBA (Global Business Administration).

The traditional BBA aims at educating the business expert with a balanced personality who challenges to take part in competitive environment creatively and progressively in this era of globalization and information society on the basis of the Spirit of Confucianism - Humanity, Righteousness, Propriety, and Wisdom which is our founding philosophy - along with the pragmatism by seeking truth based on the facts.

To educate the global leading business expert, our department will

- First, educate international business mind and informational sensitivity
- Second, inspire a creative / progressive business mind and professionalism
- Third, educate righteous business ethics and sound values.
And we educate to improve students' professional / practical business knowledge, linguistic capability and application capabilities to both theoretical and practical affairs.

For the past 40 years, as the society becomes bigger, wider and more sophisticated, this department focuses on educating a business expert to fulfill the requirement of a manager with a theoretical and practical capability.

The BBA also provides the students with the business related studies to enlarge both their theoretical and practical visions so that the students are capable of having analytical thinking to resolve problems that will occur in this globalized economy.

For the past 40 years, many BBA graduates have been playing very important roles in their respective professional fields, and especially they are, as well as students, scoring outstanding performance in annual national examinations.

This department creates the most passionate academic atmosphere by integrating the most acknowledged professors with enthusiastic and scholastic students.