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As business becomes increasingly global, opportunities emerge for a new breed of business strategists. SKK Business School, one of the best business graduate degree MS in Management Program, helps you understand international business and embrace multicultural business practices in order to fully participate in this dynamic global marketplace.

50 SKK Business School’s renowned tenured faculty teach MS in Management courses. They support students through advising and mentoring system. The mentoring system allows students to receive counseling and guidance about studies or future career.

The education you receive at SKK Business School will distinguish you in today's competitive marketplace

The Ph.D. program of the SKKU Business School is known as one of the best doctoral programs in the nation, with 50 faculty members and 55 currently enrolled doctoral students. The SKKU School of Business places its primary goals of doctoral education in training students who are equipped with a high level of competence in research and university teaching.

In order to accomplish these goals, the program provides a rigorous course of study emphasizing the advanced theoretical knowledge in the major field of discipline, research methodology, and analytical techniques.