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SKK Business School’s outstanding W-AMP offers top-rank professors, comprehensive business education and develops the skills and mindset you need for effective leadership. It also puts the foremost priority on the asset management skills, promotion of health care and experience of high-class which is essential for the human network establishment. The high-quality medical service for the CEO and the family's check up is offered, too.

We want to help you achieve your professional goals in the most practical way possible. We aim to deepen your understanding of the financial services sector, enhance your practical business and interpersonal skills, and help you understand the importance of strategy and leadership in complex organizations.

SKK Business School kindly invites the competitive CEOs to our unique W-AMP.

Admission requirements

  • A CEO or an executive of a listed enterprise.
  • A high ranked public officer of government, Congress, and the judicature.
  • An officer of banking facilities.
  • A National Assemblymen and representatives from all walks of life.
  • A man who had a same qualification.

A volume of registration:

  • About 40