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홈페이지 새창
The Global Business Administration (GBA) program was launched in 2008 to attract high-performing high school graduates in Korea who wish to study undergraduate business programs entirely in English. Students in GBA are high-quality students from Korean National University Entrance Examination, and bilingual in Korean and English.

GBA aims to educate business leaders in the global market and to provide young talents who can contribute to national economic growth.

Learning Goals & Objectives

Management Skills

• Students will have a good understanding of the basic knowledge and skills in management disciplines.

• Students will demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge and skills of management disciplines to find business problem solutions

Critical Thinking Skills

• Students will be able to critically analyze and interpret information for decision-making

• Students will be able to produce and compare alternative solutions


• Students will be able to recognize and respond to ethical issues in business

• Students will serve the community

Communication and Cooperation Skills

• Student will be able coherently express views in oral presentations and in written communications

• Students will be able to effectively exchange ideas and to generate solutions in cooperation with group members

Global Perspective

• Students will be able to understand global culture

• Students will possess foreign language ability sufficient to conduct business communications and to participate in management problem solving