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2016 Spring

Code Course Degree Language Credits
  • DBA4002 Managerial Decision Making MS KOREAN 3
    This course is poised to equip students with the theoretical basis for improving decision quality which is required in all the echelons of management in modern firms. Especially, this course is designed to incorporate the computer skills to practically enhance one's decision making ability in the management environment. Besides, to help maximize student's ability in practice fields, the topics of the course are, the usage of Excel, linear programming, forecasting, regression, etc. Furthermore, the cases of decision making and decision support system will be taught and the student will be required to learn DSS mechanisms and also to develop DSS to solve complex managerial problems. This course is designed to provide practical skills and ability to develop DSS by which decision making problems are solved, as well as appropriate theoretical contents.
  • DBA4007 Marketing Management Seminar MS KOREAN 3
    This course, as a survey course, examines classic and current issues in marketing management. Its primary objective is to expose students to diverse topics in marketing and to prepare students for other specific topic courses. Topics covered include branding, pricing, advertising, impacts of marketing on firm value, corporate social responsibility, etc. The course also seeks to provide skills in critiquing the literature, defining research problems and writing papers on the area of marketing.
  • DBA4010 Seminar in Consumer Behavior MS KOREAN 3
    This course is designed to introduce graduate students majoring in marketing to basic research methodology and significant theoretical perspectices related to consumer behavior. The course will also offer opportunities for students to develop skills relevant to the conduct of behavioral resaerch in marketing.
  • DBA4017 Organization Theory & Design MS ENGLISH 3
    Which organizational theory and design is needed to improve a firm's competitive advantage? What is organization theory & design and what type of structure is appropriate for team leaders and members? These are the questions that we consider in this course. We deal with these topics in a macro view.
  • DBA4018 Organizational Behavior MS KOREAN 3
    Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of organization. Topics include motivation, leadership, communication, decision making, organizational culture and organizational development.
  • DBA4019 Managerial Accounting MS KOREAN 3
    Managers use cost and managerial accounting information for decision making in planning and controlling business activities. This course discussees research papers related to cost and managerial accounting. Topics include costing systems and issues for managerial decision-making based on accounting information. The course also introduces recent concepts like ABC, target costing, cost of quality, and strategic cost management.
  • DBA4021 Financial Accounting Theory MS KOREAN 3
    This course is an advanced level course of financial accounting theory. This course covers the major topics in accounting theory, such as the portfolio theory and the efficient market theory, the usefulness of accounting information, accounting disclosures, firm valuation models, earnings management and conservatism, and the adoption of IFRS, As this course will be seminal-like, it will provide students with some generic skills required in the accounting profession such as communication, critical thinking, and team work.
  • DBA4025 Accounting Seminar MS KOREAN 3
    This is a seminar-type course dealting with various topics in Accounting. This course is taught by a team of Accounting professors in areas of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Auditing. The current and/or important issues in each area would be introduced in the course.
  • DBA4029 Accounting Seminar MS ENGLISH 3
    This is a seminar-type course dealing with various topics in Accounting. This course is taught by a team of accounting professors in areas of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Auditing. The current and/ or important issues in each area will be introduced in the course.
  • DBA5008 Research Methodology in Marketing MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    This course aims to enable the doctoral students in marketing to obtain skills in various research methodologies, so that they can write their doctoral theses on their own. The students will prepare their own term paper as part of the assignments, in which they are expected to demonstrate the research skills they have learned in this course.
  • DBA5012 Seminar in Financial Management MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    We study first the foundations of micro-economic and information topics, to be followed by an analysis of corporate finance decisions in the presence of uncertainty and information asymmetry. Emphasis throughout will be on the study of seminal journal articles, aiming to bring the student up to the level necessary to do research in this area.
  • DBA5024 Business Independent Study 1 Ph.D - 3
    In this course, research topics will be jointly selected by students and supervisors. Under the guidance of supervisors, students are supposed to do research independently through the semester.
  • DBA5044 Seminar: Research Methods in Finance MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    This is a seminar course designed to introduce students to various basic research methods in Finance. Topics include: regression analysis, significance tests, statistical biases, nonparametric tests, event study methodology, asset pricing tests, simulation, and limited dependent variable models.
  • DBA5050 Special Topics on Auditing MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    The primary objective of this is to review traditional issues as well as contemporary topics in auditing theory and practices. Ph.D. students are requested to present the assigned articles in the class and to submit a research proposal as a term paper. The assigned topics will include the demand in auditing, auditor independence and auditor change, audit service quality and pricing; audit implication in the capital market, the audit process, auditor judgement and decision processes.
  • DBA5053 Special Topics on International Accounting MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    In the world of increasing international trades among countries, initiated by rapidly-growing multinational corporations, many issues on traditional areas in financial and managerial accounting become more important on the international scale. This course broadly covers accounting issues on harmonization of international financial accounting standards and on preparation of consolidated financial statements, and investigates issues arising from determination of international transfer pricing and related international taxation.
  • DBA5054 Topics in Accounting Studies MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    Several contemporary topics that are not covered in ordinary accounting courses are studied. Accounting is not only an academic field of social science but also a field of practice. So, the contemporary issues are important both theoretically and practically. Recent accounting issues are; combined financial statements and consolidated financial statement, International Accounting Standards and Korean accounting standards, earnings manipulation of financially distressed companies, the accounting regulation among commercial law, tax law, and accounting standards.
  • DBA5067 Marketing Channels MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    This course will examine both the theoretical dimensions of planning, organizing, and controlling the marketing channels. The approach will go beyond viewing exchange relationships strictly from a physical perspective (movement of goods and services) to focus on the interaction between channel members and strategies employed to gain a competitive advantage. The course will blend lecture and class discussion to explore course material. All reading assignments must be completed prior to class, as understanding these assignments is vital for active participation in class discussions.
  • DBA5074 Seminar in leadership and organizational behavior MS/Ph.D ENGLISH 3
    Leadership is one of the most important Organizational Behavior(OB) topics. We focus on leadership to help students develop an understanding of organizational behavior and performance. This doctoral course deals with recent leadership theories and issues. It also covers OB topics such as power, decision-making, organizational culture, organizational change and development.
  • DBA5080 Statistics for Business MS/Ph.D ENGLISH
    Formulas are not the everyday language of most students. Statistics should be presented in a way that managers learn best. This class presumes no background in Calculus and minimizes the use of mathematical languages. Instead we use extended examples through the class. This class covers probability distribution, sampling distribution, confidence interval, hypothesis testing. We also cover the analysis of variance and regression, using EXCEL, SPSS or SAS.