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Dean’s Message

Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU) is an higher educational institution that has its root in Sungkyunkwan founded in 1398. Sungkyunkwan produced many scholars, leaders and public officials who went on to become pillars of our country, and this tradition continues to today.

The Business School of SKKU in particular has produced many CEOs, professors, and business leaders. Especially since Samsung has acquired the University foundation 20 years ago, there has been notable growth in many areas. Internationally (Times, US News & Report, etc.) and domestically (Joongang Daily) SKKU has been ranked as the #1 private research university in Korea. The Financial Times has introduced SKKU’s GSB(Graduate School of Business) as a world class MBA program for the past 6 years and rated the program as #1 in Korea.

SKKU’s Business School is a large organization encompassing management and global business administration in undergraduate school, all aspects of business administration studies in master’s and doctoral programs, and EMBA, IMBA, GSB program. We have more than 70 professors and 50 lecturers, every one of them is a renowned professional with outstanding research and passion for teaching their areas of specialties.

As Korea’s businesses and corporations continue to grow in importance in the global economy, the demand for leaders and exceptional executives continues to rise. SKKU’s Business School is at the forefront of meeting this demand and will provide continuously top business expertise into society.


Kwan Choi

Dean, Business School