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Vision & Mission

SKK Business School is a learning community dedicated to leading global innovation through:

  • Conducting high-quality research
  • Educating innovative business leaders
  • Serving the global and local business communities

This mission statement was approved by our faculty in the summer of 2007, after an extensive review by stakeholders that included the Dean, department chairs, faculty, student representatives and alumni.

To put our mission into action, we also identified three keywords, globalization, leadership, and innovation that capture the essence of the mission’s objectives. The following table describes these key words. We have been continuously making efforts to upgrade ourselves along these dimensions.

Since its foundation in 1959, SKK Business School has had a rich history of consistent development by nurturing ethical leadership, inspiring open and global mindsets and fostering innovation in spirit and attitude. It has also cultivated close corporate relationships, most importantly with the Samsung Group.

Definitions of Mission Keywords

GlobalizationㅣIncreasing the School’s global exposure and enhancing the School’s internal standards to the level of international standards

InnovationㅣImproving education and research systems and our educator’s education, research and service activities

LeadershipㅣDevelopment of students’ leadership experiences and students’ leadership abilities