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Meet Our Students

Jinwon Sung (MS Business Analytics, Class of 2022) | KT

Although big data will lead to technological advances in AI, competition among companies is also expected to occur in a completely different way.

Who will get to interpret the market with big data more accurately? Isn't this the key to determining who will win in competition?
I believe that by completing this course, you will be able to become a marketing expert who communicates clearly based on data. It seems to me that this is the only course in which you can learn converging management and statistics, and even acquire skills that can be applied in practice. I communicate within my company in a completely different way now by applying what I learned through my studies. I came to understand that because of this course, I can now communicate on a more objective and professional basis, and grow into a company leader.



Jungsim Lee (MS Business Analytics, Class of 2022) | LG Household & Health Care

The first strength of this course is practicality. In general, what you learn in graduate school differs from on-site work, but in this program analysis techniques based on programming such as Python, R, and SQL are practical and applicable in the field. In particular, in the new-normal era caused by COVID-19, I believe it will become more important to have analysis capabilities based on programming.

The second strength relates to the excellent and passionate faculty, to class operation, and to the curriculum at the highly professional home of Korea's No. 1 MBA in Korea. Another reason for choosing this course is the opportunity to study at one of the globally top-ranking business schools that are collaborating with SKK GSB. In short, this program is practical for many modern business people's needs and desires.


* The MS degree has changed to a MBA degree starting from the August 2022 intake.