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Meet Our Alumni

Full-Time MBA alumni have a global presence in almost every continent from Asia, North America, Europe, South America, to Africa, and they have proven themselves as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.


Post MBA Location

South Korea 76%
Other Asia 9%
North America 7%
Europe 4%
South America 2%
Africa 2%




Yujun Lee (Class of 2018, Korea)

Samsung Electronics

" We had numerous challenging group assignments and intense constructive discussions within a limited time frame in every module. It made us stronger and more mature. "


Amir Goudarzi (Class of 2018, Iran)

BMW Financial Korea

" SKK GSB helped me achieve three things. It trained me to observe the world of business from a wider perspective.

It helped me to increase my teamwork abilities. And it provided me a chance to create a global network. "


Maayan Massud (Class of 2016, Israel)


" I studied and worked in Israel, Europe and the U.S. However, I felt that I was missing an important business experience in Asian countries. I decided to come to Korea to fulfill what I was lacking in Asian experience because it seemed to have exactly what I was looking for! Seoul is the heart of Korea, where I can expect to interact with leading global companies, immerse in diverse cultural experiences, and witness first-hand, dynamic global trends in many industries. Most of all, SKK GSB attracted me to come here with its highly qualified MBA curriculum with diverse course offerings, excellent career services, and great faculty and staff support for its students. I am so glad that I made the decision to join SKK GSB. "


Hoon Song (Class of 2015, USA)


" SKK GSB is a special place. Here we are learning cutting-edge business knowledge, acquiring leadership skills, and expanding professional networks through excellent alumni connections and diverse classmates in a globalized environment right in the heart of Seoul. Most importantly, SKK GSB is constantly challenging and encouraging students to broaden their perspectives and reach for the highest individual goals for their future. Earning an MBA degree from SKK GSB has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience for me. It is a privilege to be part of this global community. "


ANDREJ PLANCIC (Class of 2015, Denmark)

Google Denmark

" SKK GSB presented me with a series of valuable leadership scenarios and exposed me to how business deals and decisions are made in multi-cultural settings. The diversity of faculty and alumni underlines the program’s emphasis on creating managers who can lead to solve complex problems while maintaining highest ethical values "


Nam Jin Kim (Class of 2014, Korea)

Kakao Mobility

" If you are considering pursuing an MBA in Korea, SKK GSB is the best choice.

First of all, SKK GSB has a wide alumni network all over the world, and I enjoyed working with many brilliant classmates from around the world. In addition, with its well-designed curriculum and excellent faculty, I am confident that you will enjoy the time at SKK GSB as you learn and grow. SKK GSB was a turning point of my life, and it will be for you too. "