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MBA Track/Specialization

At SKK GSB, you have the freedom to tailor your MBA experience by choosing from four tracks/specializations (AI & Business Analytics, Finance, and Marketing) and taking specific courses.


MBA track/specialization in particular areas signals to prospective employers that you have deep knowledge of a particular field, along with relevant analytical skills and tools.


Pursuing a track is optional and is not a degree requirement. Students are allowed to complete more than one track.



The demand for data analytics and analytics-aware managers has surged in the business world. SKK GSB is at the forefront of the digital and data-driven revolution and offers a dedicated analytics-focused track in the full-time MBA program.


Students in the track not only receive our reputed grounding in core business and functional areas, but are also trained in how to conceptualize, implement and lead analytics-driven projects. The track is designed to prepare MBA graduates to compete in high-demand careers related to big data and AI & Business Analytics across marketing, finance, and management domains.


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Database Management view off

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization view off

Business Forecasting view off

AI & Machine Learningview off

Finance Analytics view off

Marketing Analytics view off

People analytics view off

Digital & Social Media Analytics view off


Track Curriculum (sample)

Track Curriculum
Semester Module Required Courses Electives
Year 1
MP1/ MP2 · Programming for Analytics*  
MP4 · Data Management(SQL)
· Marketing Analytics
· Finance Analytics
· Corporate Strategy in a Digital Age
· Management Science and Decision
IW3   · Crypto-economics and Blockchain
Year 2
MP5 · Business Forecasting
· AI and Machine Learning for Business
· Digital Marketing
MP6 · Business Intelligence and Data Visualization · Digital and Social Media Analytics