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Meet Our Students

Professional MBA students are business leaders who are actively building their careers with a clear  vision and set goals. Most of our students are in the midst of successful careers at one of many Korean conglomerates, corporations, or multinational companies operating in Korea and Asia. Each year, a growing number of international employees in Korea are entering the program.


Students of Professional MBA Programs seek to become global business leaders in a competitive global business environment by obtaining cutting-edge business knowledge in a multicultural environment.


Class Profile (2021 Intake)



Work Experience






Industry Profile



Beobgyu Gil (Class of 2017, Korea)

Hyndai Motor Company

" I thought that it would be hard to build a career in corporate strategy, only having an engineering background.

I believed that Corporate Strategy was essential for me to gain insights for overall business perspectives for my career success. This is why I chose the SKK GSB Professional MBA Program. The global competitiveness of SKK GSB’s MBA curriculum and its teaching has been recognized by Financial Times Global MBA Rankings for several years.

At SKK GSB, I have widened my business perspectives by acquiring the latest knowledge of business administration and by analyzing many case studies in the global market. Furthermore, sophisticated English lectures and class discussions helped me to improve my business English skills."



Junghoon Yun (Class of 2017, Korea)

Omega Korea


" Many students who are working in multinational companies want to become country managers or executive members of Korea branches. However, as the global business market is becoming more competitive, multinational companies require leaders of each branch to have a good knowledge of business disciplines, global business skills, and communication skills that can be recognized in the world. SKK GSB Professional MBA Program is the only MBA program which provides all of these in Korea. This is the best way for students to achieve their career goals. "


Nelson Vithayathil Varghese (Class of 2017, India)

SK Hynix


" My decision to join the SKK GSB Professional MBA program was after a clear examination of multiple factors: recognition & brand name, top-notch faculty, perfectly tailored class schedule for working professionals and a multi-cultural class environment. I strongly recommend every other foreigner in Korea who aspires to earn an MBA degree, to keep SKK GSB as their first choice. It would definitely make a significant impact on your career. "



Yongsoo Park (Class of 2016, Korea)

Sanden Korea

" My career goal is becoming a country manager of a multinational company in Korea. Entering SKK GSB Professional Program was an essential choice to achieve my goal. I was looking for MBA schools in Korea that had an independent MBA curriculum, 100% English lectures, dual degree program, and SKK GSB was the only answer. It has been already one and a half years since I joined, I am enjoying my studies, highly satisfied with my choice. "