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Degree Requirement

Required years for graduation & course credits

For 2 years (4 semesters), students must take 30 credits or more to finish the IMBA. Students must take 6 credits per semester. (2 credits per semester for intensive-course students)

Qualifying exams

※ Students who graduate after taking 30 credits without writing thesis are automatically exempt from foreign language and comprehensive exams.

Foreign language exam
  • Enrolled students who have finished 2 semesters or more and opt to graduate by writing thesis, can take the test once in a semester.
  • Subject of IMBA foreign language exam is English.
  • Students who have at least one of the following English scores or higher are exempt from foreign language exam.
    • TOEFL: CBT 213 or PBT 550
    • TOEIC: 700
    • TEPS: 700
    • G-TELP: Level 2 / 60 points, or Level 3 / 80 points
    • OPIC Intermediate Mid or TOEIC Speaking Level 6
Comprehensive exam
  • To qualify for the exam, students who have finished 3 semesters or more and opt to graduate by writing thesis should obtain 12 credits or more of major courses with the GPA of B or higher. The exam is held once a semester.
  • The Comprehensive exam consists of written exam about 3 of major courses, and a student is deemed to pass the comprehensive exam if scoring 70 points or more out of 100 per course.
  • Those who got As in 3 or more major courses are exempt from the comprehensive exam.
How to apply
  • Apply on GLS during a prescribed period early in each semester.
  • For exemption of foreign language exam, visit the School of Business administrative office with an original copy of authorized English test score report.
    ※ Note: Be aware that for normal graduation, you will have to pass all qualifying exams (foreign language exam & comprehensive exam) within 4 semesters.