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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA5091 CrossManagementandCurrentIssuesinMarketing 3 English Yes
This course is designed to explore new research topics in the academic field of marketing by exposing students to new research. Specifically, as the business environment is radically changing, with infusion of new technology, it is required to study how to reinterpret the exiting theories and literature, and how to create new contextual knowledge. This will enable students to develop new research topics and make their research stream more fruitful.
General Graduate DBA5092 Cross Management and IT 3 English Yes
Cross management is a new type of management paradigm composed of four sub-dimensions- cross intelligence, cross industry, cross culture, and cross customer. The cross management is, therefore, deemed essential for preparing for the upcoming effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution age on companies. During the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution where the AI-powered new waves will destroy the border between, cultures, industries, and customers, it is well known that only those companies possessing dynamic capability to produce innovative products and services can survive the fierce competition. In this sense, this course provides insights into how the modern companies can prepare to adopt new types of IT strategies in the name of cross management.
General Graduate DBA5093 AI and Management Information 3 English Yes
Usually, traditional MIS (Management Information System) class was devoted to understanding system analysis and design, decision-making process, and related conventional methods such as knowledge management and decision supports. However, facing the new machine age with rapid progress of AI power, we need to investigate new breed of MIS methodologies and theories. In this sense, this course provides profound insights into the AI-driven management information methods and theories. Core techniques that will be covered by this course include the following AI methods, but not limited to: - AI-based decision support techniques - Cloud computing-based decision support methods - AI-based user requirement techniques - Deep learning-based users’ sentiment analysis - Deep learning-based end-user computing techniques - Convolutionary neural network-based opinion mining techniques
General Graduate DBA4002 Managerial Decision Making 3 Korean Yes
This course is poised to equip students with the theoretical basis for improving decision quality which is required in all the echelons of management in modern firms. Especially, this course is designed to incorporate the computer skills to practically enhance one's decision making ability in the management environment. Besides, to help maximize student's ability in practice fields, the topics of the course are, the usage of Excel, linear programming, forecasting, regression, etc. Furthermore, the cases of decision making and decision support system will be taught and the student will be required to learn DSS mechanisms and also to develop DSS to solve complex managerial problems. This course is designed to provide practical skills and ability to develop DSS by which decision making problems are solved, as well as appropriate theoretical contents.
General Graduate DBA4007 Marketing Management Seminar 3 Korean Yes
This course, as a survey course, examines classic and current issues in marketing management. Its primary objective is to expose students to diverse topics in marketing and to prepare students for other specific topic courses. Topics covered include branding, pricing, advertising, impacts of marketing on firm value, corporate social responsibility, etc. The course also seeks to provide skills in critiquing the literature, defining research problems and writing papers on the area of marketing.
General Graduate DBA4009 Contemporary Issues in Marketing 3 Korean Yes
This course mainly address the contemporary issues related to the marketing. As the circumstances around the business constantly change, the environment of the market and consumer behavior are also changing rapidly. In this sense, students who attends this course will learn the recent theories and cases related to marketing phenomena.
General Graduate DBA4010 Seminar in Consumer Behavior 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to introduce graduate students majoring in marketing to basic research methodology and significant theoretical perspectices related to consumer behavior. The course will also offer opportunities for students to develop skills relevant to the conduct of behavioral resaerch in marketing.
General Graduate DBA4018 Organizational Behavior 3 Korean Yes
Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of organization. Topics include motivation, leadership, communication, decision making, organizational culture and organizational development.
General Graduate DBA4021 Financial Accounting Theory 3 Korean Yes
This course is an advanced level course of financial accounting theory. This course covers the major topics in accounting theory, such as the portfolio theory and the efficient market theory, the usefulness of accounting information, accounting disclosures, firm valuation mode1s, earnings management and conservatism, and the adoption of IFRS, As this course will be seminal-like, it will provide students with some generic skills required in the accounting profession such as communication, critical thinking, and team work.
General Graduate DBA4024 Accounting Information and Valuation 3 Korean Yes
The objective of this course is to review empirical studies that examine the effect of accounting information on valuation. Accounting information has a role of facilitating cash flows between firms and investors. With this perspective, this course examines the role and economic consequence of accounting information that is used in various economic decisions in capital market.
General Graduate DBA4030 Marketing Channels 3 Korean Yes
This course will examine the theories and practices used to plan, organize, and control global supply chains. The approach will go beyond viewing exchange relationships from a strictly physical sense (movement of goods and services) to focus on the interaction between trading partners with different cultures and how firms are using channel strategies to gain a competitive advantage globally. Specifically, this course will explore the role that channel members play as intermediaries between the production and consumption sectors of the economy. This course will explore how channels of distribution have evolved and identify challenges that channel members will face in the globalized 21st century. Subsequently, this course will examine how channel members develop global strategies to attract consumers and also how consumers develop strategies to acquire goods and services from channel members. The course will use a mix of lecture, case analysis, team presentation, video, and class discussion to explore course material. Students should complete reading assignments prior to class. An understanding of these assignments is necessary to actively participate in class discussions.
General Graduate DBA4033 AI in Marketing 3 Korean Yes
Artificial Intelligence technologies revolutionalize the business world. AI Marketing (AIM in short) will significantly improve the productivity of manufacturng and distribution and will bring deep challenges to how marketing is done. Specific areas of study are as follows: 1. The present and future of AIM 2. Philosophical Backgrounds, and Ethical Considerations of AIM 3. Search and Logic in AIM 4. Planning and Problem Solving in AIM 5. Knowledge Representation and Experts in AIM 6. Quantifying Uncertainty in AIM 7. Probabilistic Reasoning in AIM 8. Natural Language Processing and Chatbots in AIM 9. Deep Learning and Classification in AIM 10. Neuroscience and Marketing Artificial Intelligence 10. Algorithms of AIM 11. Marketing Mix Model and System using AIM 12. Creative AIM using Generative Adversatial Networks with Python (Teaching Machines to Write, Paint, and Compose)
General Graduate DBA5021 Organization Theory Seminar Ι 3 Korean Yes
Organization Theory focuses on the macro view of organization. The macro view is about how organization adapt to the changing environments and how they survive and prosper under the specific environmental contingencies. Topics include the relationships between the organizations and their environments, organizational structure, organizational adaptation to the environments, organizational effectiveness and innovation.
General Graduate DBA5022 Organization Theory Seminar Ⅱ 3 Korean Yes
This course surveys organizational design theories and methods, including bureaucratic, participative, sociotechnical, and cognitive models. It develops specific methods ranging from microdesign of jobs to macrodesign of total organizational systems.
General Graduate DBA5024 Business Independent Study 1 3 Korean Yes
In this course, research topics will be jointly selected by students and supervisors. Under the guidance of supervisors, students are supposed to do research independently through the semester.
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