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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA4020 Tax accounting & tax law 3 - No
This course reviews studies that cover corporate income tax, value added tax, estste & gift tax. Primary emphasis of the course is on conceptual and empirical studies that examine the underlying reasoning and application of the basic law of national tax, individual income tax, and corporate income tax. In particular, corporate income tax deals with tax accounting problems, which arise from the reconciling process between corporate income tax laws and accounting standards.
General Graduate DBA4021 Financial Accounting Theory 3 Korean Yes
This course is an advanced level course of financial accounting theory. This course covers the major topics in accounting theory, such as the portfolio theory and the efficient market theory, the usefulness of accounting information, accounting disclosures, firm valuation mode1s, earnings management and conservatism, and the adoption of IFRS, As this course will be seminal-like, it will provide students with some generic skills required in the accounting profession such as communication, critical thinking, and team work.
General Graduate DBA4023 Auditing 3 Korean Yes
The primary objective of this course as an advanced one is to examine auditing theory and its application to auditing practices. Auditing is a practice-oriented science, yet it has to be guided and explained by theories and sound philosophies. The course materials consist primarily of professional standards (from the KICPA and IFAC), empirical research, and case studies on selected topics in auditing. Subject matters include the demand for auditing, risk assessment, materiality, fraud, audit testing, and audit reporting.
General Graduate DBA4024 Accounting Information and Valuation 3 Korean Yes
The objective of this course is to review empirical studies that examine the effect of accounting information on valuation. Accounting information has a role of facilitating cash flows between firms and investors. With this perspective, this course examines the role and economic consequence of accounting information that is used in various economic decisions in capital market.
General Graduate DBA4025 Accounting Seminar 3 - No
This is a seminar-type course dealting with various topics in Accounting. This course is taught by a team of Accounting professors in areas of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Auditing. The current and/or important issues in each area would be introduced in the course.
General Graduate DBA4027 Big data analysis and operations 3 - No
The primary purpose of this course is to learn about the concept of relational database and its relevant theoriese such as schema, normalization, relational algebra, database design concept. The students are also required to have an ability to program SQL codes and to operate relational database management system. This course also covers the basic concept of big data, diverse cases of successful big data projects, social media data, and non-relational database such as social or text data. In this class, students learn how to analyze social media data by using relevant social media analysis tools.
General Graduate DBA4028 Information Systems Consulting and Project Management 3 - No
This course is designed for the juniors, seniors or master's students who are looking for their careers at an information systems consulting company or a company which has to deal with many consulting projects. It explains the nature of management consulting, how it adds value, the skills of consultant, evaluating client capabilities, how to write the project proposal and outputs, project planning and time management, and communication skills along with the execution of a real consulting project.
General Graduate DBA4029 Studies in Human Resource Management 3 - No
This master’s seminar provides an overview of theory and research related to micro--level human resource (HR) functions such as job analyses, legal issues and fairness, recruitment, personnel selection, performance appraisal and management, and employee retention. In addition, the seminar covers macro-level HR functions such as human resource management’s strategic involvement, strategic impact, and strategic alignment.
General Graduate DBA4030 Marketing Channels 3 Korean Yes
This course will examine the theories and practices used to plan, organize, and control global supply chains. The approach will go beyond viewing exchange relationships from a strictly physical sense (movement of goods and services) to focus on the interaction between trading partners with different cultures and how firms are using channel strategies to gain a competitive advantage globally. Specifically, this course will explore the role that channel members play as intermediaries between the production and consumption sectors of the economy. This course will explore how channels of distribution have evolved and identify challenges that channel members will face in the globalized 21st century. Subsequently, this course will examine how channel members develop global strategies to attract consumers and also how consumers develop strategies to acquire goods and services from channel members. The course will use a mix of lecture, case analysis, team presentation, video, and class discussion to explore course material. Students should complete reading assignments prior to class. An understanding of these assignments is necessary to actively participate in class discussions.
General Graduate DBA4032 Derivatives 3 English Yes
Given the rapid development of financial engineering techniques, this course seeks to provide a firm foundation for students in the areas of forwad, futures, option and swap contracts. The course also discusses various real world applications of derivative securities.
General Graduate DBA4033 AI in Marketing 3 Korean Yes
Artificial Intelligence technologies revolutionalize the business world. AI Marketing (AIM in short) will significantly improve the productivity of manufacturng and distribution and will bring deep challenges to how marketing is done. Specific areas of study are as follows: 1. The present and future of AIM 2. Philosophical Backgrounds, and Ethical Considerations of AIM 3. Search and Logic in AIM 4. Planning and Problem Solving in AIM 5. Knowledge Representation and Experts in AIM 6. Quantifying Uncertainty in AIM 7. Probabilistic Reasoning in AIM 8. Natural Language Processing and Chatbots in AIM 9. Deep Learning and Classification in AIM 10. Neuroscience and Marketing Artificial Intelligence 10. Algorithms of AIM 11. Marketing Mix Model and System using AIM 12. Creative AIM using Generative Adversatial Networks with Python (Teaching Machines to Write, Paint, and Compose)
General Graduate DBA5005 Consumer Behavior Seminar Ι 3 - No
This course explores and evaluates a rapidly growing body of research on consumer behavior. Our primary perspective lies in marketing applications of consumer behavior concepts and theories. Main topics include consumer decision-making process, personal differences psychological processes, and environmental influences.
General Graduate DBA5006 Consumer Behavior Seminar Ⅱ 3 - No
This course is an advanced one, which focuses on recent development in consumer research. We review research articles recently published in the major journals such as JCR, JMR, JM, and JSPS. We study these articles at both substantive and methodological levels.
General Graduate DBA5007 Marketing Mix Seminar 3 - No
The main objective of this course is to deepen the students' literature knowledge accumulated in each area of the marketing's 4P's. Specifically, this course deals with advanced academic articles in the area of pricing, distribution, communication, and product management. Depending on the situation and/or the needs of the students, it could focus on one or two of the 4P's.
General Graduate DBA5008 Research Methodology in Marketing 3 English Yes
This course aims to enable the doctoral students in marketing to get the skills in various research methodologies, so that they can write their doctoral theses on their own. The students will prepare their own term paper as part of the assignments, in which they are expected to demonstrate their research skills they have learned in this course.
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