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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA5076 International Human resource Management 3 - No
The globalization of business is having a significant impact on human resource management. It is more imperative than ever for organizations to engage in human resource management on an international scale. International Human Resource Management touches upon human resource practices concerning (1) the numbers and proportions of host-country nationals, third-country nationals, and expatriates in staffing plants and offices all over the world; (2) where and how to recruit these individuals and how to compensate them for their performance; and (3) whether human resource practices will be uniform across all locations or will be tailored to each location. The primary focus of the course is on the choice of international human resource management practices that confront multinational enterprises and some factors to consider in making these choices. International Human Resource Management expands our understanding of people’s behavior at work to include the diversity and complexity of today’s global environment. . International Human Resource Management challenges us to go beyond our parochialism and to see the world from a global perspective.
General Graduate DBA5077 Frontier Market and Management 3 - No
This course studies the management issues of the fast-growing frontier regional markets after BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The management issues in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.), Central Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, are discussed taking account of differences in the management environments and cultures .
General Graduate DBA5078 Frontier Industry and Management 3 English Yes
The frontier industries are the new industrial areas leading the future creative economy through creative innovation of existing industries and development of untouched ones. This course studies research on creative innovation of old Korea industries and development of new ones based on new technology. Future industries includes biotechnology, green, cultural contents, and social network-based ones.
General Graduate DBA5079 Business Mining 3 English Yes
Modern firms have been accumulating all kinds of data in a digital form which is very easy to store into computer database, and analyze them on a real-time basis. However, core point on the decision-maker's side is how data mining technologies can be applied to the dataset to extract a set of useful rules and patterns which are usually utilized to make a timely and effective decision about either target market or target customer segment. Critical problem with this type of business mining activities is that data chage too fast for the decision makers to analyze them timely, and most of decision makers have no idea about optimal method with which they can perform a task of data-mining on a specific dataset. Therefore, this course is concerned with learning various kinds of business mining techniques such as neural network, Bayesian network, decision tree, SVM (Support Vector Machine), principal component analysis, regression analysis, and ensemble method, etc. Students will be able to master useful mining methods and enrich their capability of applying an appropriate method to a right dataset to extract a set of useful patterns and knowledge.
General Graduate DBA5080 Statistics for Business 3 - No
Formulas are not the everyday language of most students. Statistics should be presented in a way that managers learn best. This class presumes no background in Calculus and minimizes the use of mathematical languages. Instead we use extended examples through the class. This class covers probability distribution, sampling distribution, confidence interval, hypothesis testing. We also cover the analysis of variance and regression, using EXCEL, SPSS or SAS.
General Graduate DBA5081 Empirical Analysis in Accounting and Finance Studies 3 English Yes
This course introduces various methodologies that are necessary for Accounting and Finance studies. It includes lectures of Statistics and workshops for SAS programimg and financial databases, which are essential for empirical studies in Accounting and Finance.
General Graduate DBA5083 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Finance 3 English Yes
This seminar course focuses on recent developments in financial research. Based on critical analyses of academic papers, the course will help students develop abilities to formulate research ideas and carry out empirical analyses.
General Graduate DBA5084 Research Methodology in Management 3 Korean Yes
This is a seminar course introducing various basic research methodology used in management research. Topics include research design, regression analysis, structural equation analysis, and so on.
General Graduate DBA5085 Derivatives Seminar 3 - No
The course will be delivered in a seminar format with the main objective of establishing the research foundations of financial derivatives and markets. Specifically, the course will cover the cost-of-carry model of futures and the various option pricing models. The course will also deal with research articles on stock index futures, interest rate futures, currency futures, options and options on futures by focusing on the issues of price discovery and hedge.
General Graduate DBA5087 Coporate Finance Seminar 3 English Yes
We study first a foundations of micro-economic and information topics, to be followed by an analysis of corporate finance decisions in the presence of uncertainty and information asymmetry. Emphasis throughout will be on the study of seminal journal articles, aiming to bring the student up to the level necessary to do research in this area.
General Graduate DBA5088 Bigdata Marketing Seminar 3 Korean Yes
The Bigdata Marketing Seminar is discussed in depth discussions on academic research papers in related fields. This seminar aims at incorporating the comtemporary issues related to innovation in a marketing aspect and applying the research findings creatively to the corporate management. We intend to focus on the impact of innovative uses of big data on corporate governance. The use of big data enables new innovations in the fields of value creation, innovative new product development, access to customer information exploration, customer relationship management, and evaluation of marketing performance. The seminar aims to achieve objectives by combining three classes of teaching methods. The first is to establish a theoretical framework for utilizing the most up-to-date text books with the most up-to-date text book. The second lesson is to enable greater insight into the use of Big Data by studying materials and materials related to each Chapter. The third is to develop skills that actually analyze big data through a Hands-on Lab on Big Data. In order to do so, we plan to provide 5 to 6 extra lectures on Big Data Lab analysis. Finally, the seminar aims to foster innovative marketing capabilities that are needed in the timing of the new digital revolution called the 4th Industrial Revolution, and will focus on the perception of innovation in the whole process of transforming the company's value.
General Graduate DBA5089 Emerging Market Finance Seminar 3 English Yes
This seminar course is designed to study an array of corporate finance, investment finance and corporate governance issues regarding emerging countries or their financial markets. For example, when it comes to corporate finance issues, the course can study emerging-market firms’ financing, investing and payout policies — also in comparison to developed-market firms’ policies. When it comes to investment finance issues. the course can study the presence or patterns of value and growth effects. When it comes to corporate governance issuses, the course can study investor protection in emerging market countries and its relevance to firm value and operating performance.
General Graduate DBA5090 Cross Management and Current Issues in management 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to explore new research topics in the academic field of management, including strategic management, organizational behavior, organization theory, and human resource management by exposing students to new research. Specifically, as the business environment is radically changing, it is required to study how to reinterpret the exiting theories and literature, and how to reapply them to such hyper-competitive environment. This enables students to develop new research topics and make their research stream more fruitful.
General Graduate DBA5091 CrossManagementandCurrentIssuesinMarketing 3 English Yes
This course is designed to explore new research topics in the academic field of marketing by exposing students to new research. Specifically, as the business environment is radically changing, with infusion of new technology, it is required to study how to reinterpret the exiting theories and literature, and how to create new contextual knowledge. This will enable students to develop new research topics and make their research stream more fruitful.
General Graduate DBA5092 Cross Management and IT 3 English Yes
Cross management is a new type of management paradigm composed of four sub-dimensions- cross intelligence, cross industry, cross culture, and cross customer. The cross management is, therefore, deemed essential for preparing for the upcoming effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution age on companies. During the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution where the AI-powered new waves will destroy the border between, cultures, industries, and customers, it is well known that only those companies possessing dynamic capability to produce innovative products and services can survive the fierce competition. In this sense, this course provides insights into how the modern companies can prepare to adopt new types of IT strategies in the name of cross management.
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