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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA5093 AI and Management Information 3 English Yes
Usually, traditional MIS (Management Information System) class was devoted to understanding system analysis and design, decision-making process, and related conventional methods such as knowledge management and decision supports. However, facing the new machine age with rapid progress of AI power, we need to investigate new breed of MIS methodologies and theories. In this sense, this course provides profound insights into the AI-driven management information methods and theories. Core techniques that will be covered by this course include the following AI methods, but not limited to: - AI-based decision support techniques - Cloud computing-based decision support methods - AI-based user requirement techniques - Deep learning-based users’ sentiment analysis - Deep learning-based end-user computing techniques - Convolutionary neural network-based opinion mining techniques
General Graduate DBA5094 Busiiness Intelligence & Analytics 3 - No
n addition to traditional database management and decision support systems, this course expands the students’ understanding of various types of analytics. This course also presents the fundamentals of the data analytics techniques by offering hands-on exercise on a big data analysis tool called Brightics, an open source S/W developed by Samsung SDS.
General Graduate DBA5095 BehavioralFinance&FinTech 3 - No
Finance is the field that is affected the most by technological revolution such as FinTech and Big Data. Interestingly, the development of FinTech goes together with the development of methodology in "behavioral finance." With the explosive growth in computing power and Big Data, researchers keep finding that psychological factors are very important elements in financial market, and such technique can be easily applied to better understand retail clients. In this course, we study such concepts as momentum and quant trading. We also study how psychological traits of the CEO affect corporate financial decisions, such as financial leverage and M&A. We study how the FinTech help us capture the psychological biases better and help market efficiency.
General Graduate DBA5096 SocialScienceResearchMethodology 3 - No
Research methodology is more than research methods. Methodology focuses more on the core principles for conducting quality research and learning to make sound judgments about method. The purpose of this course is to move beyond preparing the student to become research technician and to help him or her develop into a reflective social scientist.
General Graduate DBA7079 Frontier Issues and Management 3 - No
Frontier issues are the recent social issues related to the business environment. Currently, there are issues involving business and society such as small-to-large corporations co-prosperity management, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, social enterprise, and social economy.
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