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Program Duration:

  • Program Completion: 2 years(4 Semesters)
  • Research Enrollment: 2 years(4 Semesters)
  • However, if students who have completed the program but must enroll in 4 semesters of research to complete their degree earn their degree within 4 semesters, then they are exempt from enrollment for the remaining semesters.


Earning Credits

Earning Credits
Degree Courses/ Completed Program Major Courses Elective Courses Total
Ph.D. Program 18 credits or more 18 credits or less 36 credits or more


Semesterly Credit Acquisition

  • Scientific Research Field: 9 credits.
  • However, registered Ph.D. Program students are limited to 2 semesters(4th semester is not allowed) and earning and excess of 3 credits. (A total of 12 credits is possible)
  • A standard model of lecture credits by semester
A standard model of lecture credits by semester
Program 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th total Remarks
Doctoral 12 12 9 3 Research Research Research Research 36 This model shows 4 registered research semesters


Qualifying Exam

  • Foreign Language Exam
    All of the following situations will result in unenrollment
    • Exam Qualifications: Must be a registered student and have completed studies.
    • The Course the Exam

      ① Take English Exam
      ② Foreign Language Exam Exemption
      For the English Exam, only students with TOEFL(CBT) scores of 230 and above, TOEFL(PBT) scores of 569 and above, TOEIC scores of 800 and above, TEPS scores of 700 and above, and G-TELP level 2 76 points and above.

  • Combined Exam:
    • Exam Qualifications

      ① Passing the foreign language exam is not required to take the combined exam.
      ② Doctorate Degree Course: Earn 27 credits or more with an average grade of B or above.

    • Exam Course: The student must pick 3 subjects taken from a detailed list of majors.
    • Exam Application: Apply at the beginning of every semester (March and September)


Thesis Examination/Defense

In graduate school, dissertation examinations are divided into preliminary and final examinations to produce dissertations with quality.

  • Preliminary Thesis Examination, Final Examination Semester
    • Preliminary and final examinations cannot be conducted in the same semester. Students can apply for a final dissertation examination after they have passed the preliminary dissertation examination.
  • Thesis Submission Requirements
    • GPA of 3.0 or above from the requisite/prerequisite credits / Passing the thesis submission qualifying test and preliminary thesis examination(or exempted)