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Global Business


The entire coursework at GBA is carried out in English. The faculty members communicate with students in English in order to educate the students to be competent in global business markets.


Trained for 4 years, students’ ability to work using English becomes excellent.



GBA Students are offered the opportunity to obtain dual degrees from renowned Business Schools overseas, such as Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University USA.


For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate GBA3051 Current Topics in Management 3 English Yes
Ability to effectively deal with people will start to outweigh technical skills in the mid to long run. This class involves several aspects of managing people such as understanding, coordinating, motivating, and influencing people. In the first part of the class, we will aim at sharpening group decision-making, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills. In the second part, we will focus on how to use power, politics, and social networks as tools for influencing people. We will see how to navigate the political environment created by your connections, and the connections of others in order to best get the resources, information, and support you need for achieving your professional and personal goals. this course will help you develop the following: -Possess managerial skills to address organizational problems -Develop lifelong skills for career and professional development In particular: students will understand some of the major biases/problems affecting work in groups and their overall impact on performance.
Undergraduate GBA3052 Finance for Startups 3 English Yes
With the advent of technological innovation, often called “Industry 4.0”, so many startup companies are appearing. Top talents of universities are now heading towards startup companies to create value and create employment for the society. So, if you do a startup right now, how would you finance to materialize your business ideas? This course will give you great opportunities to learn about various financing techniques surrounding ventures and startups, such as Crowd Funding and Social Financing. You will also learn about the role of venture capital and accelerators, and have many chances to meet up with the experts in the field. Also, you will learn about how to go through IPO process with the deep first-hand knowledge of the experts in the real world.
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