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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate BUS2020 Cost Accounting 3 Korean,Korean Yes
Study concepts and techniques useful in collecting, classifying, and analyzing cost data so as to provide cost information. Major topics are cost terms and behavior, cost estimation, job-order costing and process costing, spoilage, joint-cost, absorption costing and variable costing, cost allocation, and activity-based costing.
Undergraduate BUS2023 Advanced Accounting 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed for the students who have completed Intermediate Financial Accounting. It covers a series of advanced financial accounting topics, such as accounting changes and errors, leases, price-level changes, investment, mergers and acquisitions, foreign currency translation, etc.
Undergraduate BUS2027 Introduction to Taxation 3 Korean Yes
This course deals with the basic taxation structures. Main topics are National Basic Taxation Law, National Tax Collection Law, Value-added Tax Law, and Corporate Tax Law.
Undergraduate BUS2028 Organizational Behavior 3 Korean,Chinese Yes
Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of organizationThe topics include motivation, leadership, communication, decision making, organizational culture and organizational development.
Undergraduate BUS2029 Intermediate Accounting 1 3 Korean Yes
This course discusses in depth traditional financial accounting topics as well as recent development in accounting valuation and reporting issues promulgated by professional accounting organizations and faced by industries. This discussion is supported by real examples taken from practice and authoritative pronouncements.
Undergraduate BUS2030 Intermediate Accounting 2 3 Korean Yes
Relatively complicate topics in the financial accounting area are discussed. Such topics as convertible securities and EPS, Leases, income taxes, accounting changes and errors are included. This course focuses on cultivating judgmental abilities of accounting professions by providing an opportunity to discuss alternative views on controversial areas. This course is a must-take course for those students willing to be accounting professions like CPA.
Undergraduate BUS2036 International Business Negotiation & Contract 3 Korean Yes
Understanding negotiations required for international sales, trading, and international business and study the step-by-step strategy tactics leads to succeed complicated negotiation. Commercial and legal study of international sales contract(including goods, service, intellectual property and technology), and contract of carriage, contract of marine insurance and contract of payment for the performance of sales contract, and discussion of remedies in case of the breach of contracts by way of arbitration.
Undergraduate BUS3001 International Logistics 3 Korean Yes
Deals with basic principles of international transport logistics that is inevitable in international trade and business. Topics include logistics management, international transport, international logistics center, international logistics strategy and case studies, the role of international transportation systems, commercial, legal and economic aspects of various mode of transport are reviewed. Itra-firm and inter-firm coordination including supply chain management are also discussed.
Undergraduate BUS3008 Strategic Management 3 Korean,English Yes
Strategy formulation and implementation are core management functions. This course deals with theory, practice and techniques of strageic management.
Undergraduate BUS3009 Organization Theory 3 Korean,English Yes
Organization Theory focuses on the macro view of organization. The macro view is about how organizations adapt to the changing environments and how they survive and prosper under the specific environmental contingencies. The topics include the relationships between the organizations and their environments, organizational structure, organizational adaptation to the environments, organizational culture, organizational effectiveness, innovation and organizational change.
Undergraduate BUS3011 Internet and Management 3 Korean Yes
Since 1995 When the Internet began to be commercialized, all of the management activities are closely related with the Internet. Especially, main components of modern management such as people., department, and resources can be easily interconnected through the Internet. Considering this advantage of the Internet, this course is aimed at providing case analysis approach to investigating the impact of the Internet on the Information Technology (IT) perspective to analyze the multi-faceted aspects of the Internet and apply them to solving several bottlenecks facing decision makers in a firm.
Undergraduate BUS3014 Internet Business Model 3 Korean Yes
One of the crucial factors for the successful Internet business is a business model which is a revenue-generating model. A firm can survive in a competitive market only if it has a strong and competitive business model which means that such business model is accepted in the market. This course is aimed at analyzing the business model suitable for the Internet firms or businesses from the three perspectives-economic approach, information technology approach, and web engineering approach. With investigating several real-world business models prevailing in the Internet, this course urges the students to design a new business model, and implement in an experimentally designed environment.
Undergraduate BUS3019 Tax Accounting 3 Korean Yes
This course deals with tax accounting problems, which arise from the difference between tax laws and accounting standards. Main topics are the computation of corporate tax, income tax, estate tax, and gift tax.
Undergraduate BUS3020 Auditing 3 Korean Yes
The objective of this course is to integrate auditing concepts as well as certain practical aspects in a logical manner to assist students in understanding audit decision-making and evidence accumulation. The fundamental concepts of auditing as well as the decision-making process of auditors is emphasized.
Undergraduate BUS3021 Business Internship Ⅰ 2 - No
Students taking this course will participate in a two-week internship provided by a pre-approved company. By doing so, they can gain hands-on experience in business practices, thereby enhancing their capabilities of applying business theories and knowledge learned in classrooms.
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