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Dean's Message

Welcome to the Business School at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

SKK Business School


SKK Business School is one of Korea’s leading institutions in business research and education. Our team of highly dedicated, top-quality faculty members produce quality research publications in premiere international journals in business research every year. We are the only business school in the nation that has been selected for multiple research units (Cross Management and FinTech) in the BK21 Four project: a government-funded, large-scale seven-year program with the goal of producing the future generation of world class leaders in research.


SKK Business School also offers excellent business education opportunities for students of all levels of higher learning. Our BA and GBA programs attract some of the brightest talents in the country by providing the finest undergraduate education in a wide range of business disciplines and shaping our students into influential leaders who can strive in the dynamic world of business. Students in our EMBA, IMBA, and other specialized MBA programs have access to the best professional business education and business networks in the nation. Research students in our master’s and Ph D. programs are provided with an exceptional research environment aided by our BK21 Four programs, which will help them grow into leaders who spearhead the future of business research. Moreover, each of our programs boasts a strong body of alumni networks rivaled by only the best in the nation.


In recent years, the business world has been met with unprecedented challenges. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis and fourth industrial revolution usher us into a new world that few have anticipated. Despite the countless risks and uncertainties that these challenges bring, we are also met with new opportunities. At SKK Business School, we offer the perfect platform to prepare you to take on these challenges with innovative thinking, critical reasoning, and technological know-how, and adapt to the ever-changing expectations of the dynamic business world.


I invite you to explore our website or contact us to learn more about our academic programs and other learning opportunities.

In Service,


Suke-Kyu Lee
Dean, SKK Business School