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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA4002 Managerial Decision Making 3 Korean Yes
This course is poised to equip students with the theoretical basis for improving decision quality which is required in all the echelons of management in modern firms. Especially, this course is designed to incorporate the computer skills to practically enhance one's decision making ability in the management environment. Besides, to help maximize student's ability in practice fields, the topics of the course are, the usage of Excel, linear programming, forecasting, regression, etc. Furthermore, the cases of decision making and decision support system will be taught and the student will be required to learn DSS mechanisms and also to develop DSS to solve complex managerial problems. This course is designed to provide practical skills and ability to develop DSS by which decision making problems are solved, as well as appropriate theoretical contents.
General Graduate DBA4003 Management Information Systems 3 - No
This course is centered on providing how to improve quality of decision based on managerial information. Therefore, this course deals with decision theory, decision support, and knowledge management, all of which are supposed to be based on computer based information systems. Information has always been at the heart of decision for decades. Recent issues related to information is which perspectives we should take towards information, and how we utilize it to maximize our quality of decision. In this sense, we discuss various types of topics such as systems theory, database, knowledge management, decision support, artificial intelligence-driven decision-making, Internet business, and online decision makings, etc.
General Graduate DBA4005 Neuro-Information Systems 3 - No
Neuro-IS is emerging as a newest topic in the fields of IS and decision makings. From the past, human brain had been regarded as a mysterious source of creativity and high quality decision making. But the problem with the brain was that it is extremely difficult to understand its functioning when faced with sophisticated tasks to resolve problems. Latest brain science allows us to leap forward into the extent of analyzing the brain mechanism and understanding how the brain can lead to high quality decision makings. Especially, fMRI technology enables us to investigate all the details with which human brain works to resolve given tasks. In this sense, Neuro-IS is concerned with understanding human brain architecture, its decision-making processes, and its roles in resolving various types of business problems.
General Graduate DBA4006 Service & Supply Chain Innovation 3 - No
1) Service innovation uses services as a context to understand how knowledge is generated from data; how that knowledge is used to create things of value, and how the processes of converting knowledge to things of value can be improved, administered, and optimized. 2) This subject deals with industry/value chain transformation, evolution of virtual B2B marketplaces, and supply chain innovations. This course pays particular attention to how IT including the Internet play a central role in these fundamental changes and innovations.
General Graduate DBA4007 Marketing Management Seminar 3 Korean Yes
This course, as a survey course, examines classic and current issues in marketing management. Its primary objective is to expose students to diverse topics in marketing and to prepare students for other specific topic courses. Topics covered include branding, pricing, advertising, impacts of marketing on firm value, corporate social responsibility, etc. The course also seeks to provide skills in critiquing the literature, defining research problems and writing papers on the area of marketing.
General Graduate DBA4008 Marketing Research 3 - No
The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the skills needed to conduct basic market research studies, work with research departments and/ or companies to obtain the information needed for decision making and to evaluate and interpret research results. The course covers issues of basic data collection and analysis. Methodologies for designing new products, segmenting markets and positioning products. As business managers in every field and at every level are called upon to make decisions on the basis of collected information, most participants will find this course relevant, regardless of their chosen fields of specialization.
General Graduate DBA4009 Contemporary Issues in Marketing 3 Korean Yes
This course mainly address the contemporary issues related to the marketing. As the circumstances around the business constantly change, the environment of the market and consumer behavior are also changing rapidly. In this sense, students who attends this course will learn the recent theories and cases related to marketing phenomena.
General Graduate DBA4010 Seminar in Consumer Behavior 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to introduce graduate students majoring in marketing to basic research methodology and significant theoretical perspectices related to consumer behavior. The course will also offer opportunities for students to develop skills relevant to the conduct of behavioral resaerch in marketing.
General Graduate DBA4012 Financial markets and Corporate Finance 3 English Yes
The goal of this graduate level course is to provide an introduction into current theoretical research in corporate finance and financial markets, covering a broad range of topics. Special attention will be paid to developing techniques for empirical data analysis. Students will also have a chance to practice written and oral presentation of their research ideas.
General Graduate DBA4014 Investment Analysis 3 English Yes
This course provides students with the theories and practices of modern investment analysis. The topics to be taught include (a) different types of securities, (b) security markets and how securities are traded, (c) security analysis, (d) portfolio theory, (e) asset pricing models, (f) efficiency in financial markets, (g) behavioral finance, (h) portfolio management and evaluation, (i) bond yield and bond portfolio management, (j) introduction of derivative securities
General Graduate DBA4015 Studies in Strategic Management 3 English Yes
This course introduces various concepts and theories in strategic management. The objective is to enable the students to understand the basic concepts, theories, and research topics related to business and corporate strategies by reading and discussing academic papers.
General Graduate DBA4016 Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprises 3 - No
This course blends 3 topics including Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprises. This course seeks core issue-driven learning and focuses on introduction of social field study module by intensify the field-centered education.
General Graduate DBA4017 Organization Theory & Design 3 - No
Which organizational theory and design is needed to improve a firm's competitive advantage? What is organization theory & design and what type of structure is appropriate for team leaders and members. These are the questions that we consider in this course. We deal with these topics in a macro view.
General Graduate DBA4018 Organizational Behavior 3 Korean Yes
Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates what people do in an organization and how that behavior affects the performance of organization. Topics include motivation, leadership, communication, decision making, organizational culture and organizational development.
General Graduate DBA4019 Managerial Accounting 3 - No
Managers use cost and managerial accounting information for decision making in planning and controlling business activities. This course discussees research papers related to cost and managerial accounting. Topics include costing systems and issues for managerial decision-making based on accounting information. The course also introduces recent concepts like ABC, target costing, cost of quality, and strategic cost management.
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