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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate DBA5009 Marketing Strategy 3 - No
This lesson studies the theories and actual cases of marketing strategy for graduate students. It will discuss the theory of competitive marketing strategy, the analysis and planning methods of marketing strategy.
General Graduate DBA5010 Marketing Advanced Seminar 3 English Yes
To deal with the fast growing market trend, it is necessary to understand the digital culture and digital convergence products based on culture. This course is primary intended for class discussion related to the issues of digital convergence and digital culture. To understand the consumers' digital culture trend, the key issues of this advanced marketing seminar is mainly focused on Digital Community.
General Graduate DBA5011 Marketing Philosophy 3 - No
This is an introductory course for the doctoral students who major in marketing. Its main purpose is to deepen the students' understanding of this area by exposing them to every major subfield of marketing. The students will read and discuss classical articles of consumer behavior, marketing strategy, segmentation, marketing mix, international marketing, and so on.
General Graduate DBA5013 Seminar in Investment 3 - No
This course is designed to provide students with a framework for the analysis of the capital markets. Each meeting will cover leading theoretical and empirical papers on each topics in a seminar format. The students have to prepare a term paper which is publishable in a conference.
General Graduate DBA5015 Advanced Financial Theory 3 English Yes
This course brings the student to the point where she or he can accomplish theoretical research in finance. To accomplish this goal, we discuss the skills commonly used by the theoreticians in finance, major findings in finance last 20 years and developing an appreciation of literature progress in finance.
General Graduate DBA5016 Financial Institution Seminar 3 - No
This course intends to promote theoretical and analytical foundations in financial markets and financial institutions. Topics include monetary theory, consumption-investment theory, interest rate theory, economic policy issues, financial commodities and management of financial institutions.
General Graduate DBA5021 Organization Theory Seminar Ι 3 Korean Yes
Organization Theory focuses on the macro view of organization. The macro view is about how organization adapt to the changing environments and how they survive and prosper under the specific environmental contingencies. Topics include the relationships between the organizations and their environments, organizational structure, organizational adaptation to the environments, organizational effectiveness and innovation.
General Graduate DBA5022 Organization Theory Seminar Ⅱ 3 Korean Yes
This course surveys organizational design theories and methods, including bureaucratic, participative, sociotechnical, and cognitive models. It develops specific methods ranging from microdesign of jobs to macrodesign of total organizational systems.
General Graduate DBA5024 Business Independent Study 1 3 Korean Yes
In this course, research topics will be jointly selected by students and supervisors. Under the guidance of supervisors, students are supposed to do research independently through the semester.
General Graduate DBA5025 Labor Relations Seminar 3 - No
This course considers, at the advanced level, collective bargaining process, labor-management agreement, contract administration, law of labor relations, union structure ,and influence of external labor markets on labor relations.
General Graduate DBA5026 Seminar in Strategic Management 3 - No
Strategy formulation and implementation are core management functions. This course deals with theory, practice and techniques of strategic management.
General Graduate DBA5030 Supply Chain Management 3 - No
Nowadays Supply Chain Management Using Information Technology(IT) is inevitable to maximize the efficiency of management. This course provides the techniques of Supply Chain Management and the Implementation Strategy & Methodologies of CALS.
General Graduate DBA5033 Decision Support Systems 3 Korean Yes
This lesson introduce overall methodologies for rational decision making and its system development methods. It also deals the existing tools for decision making support. The major issues are Decision Tree Modeling, Subjective Probability, Utility Functions, Value Analysis of Information, Multiple Component Decision Making, Group Decision Support Systems, etc.
General Graduate DBA5034 Management Information Systems 3 English Yes
The competitive strength of contemporary business enterprises hinges on thire capability to manage and utilize business information in an effective manner. To obtain this capability, the management is required to understand IT in the context of management and organization.Students in this course will review the past literature exploring the relationship among IT,management, and organization, and there by understanding the directions of research streams in the field of MIS.
General Graduate DBA5036 Internet Business 3 English Yes
The main purpose of this course is to offer students with an opportunity to review the theoretical development in this relatively new area of research. To achieve this goal, the course deals with such issues as basic Internet related technologies, business innovations in functional areas as well as across the firm boundaries, electronic commerce, and others including payment, security, and privacy.
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