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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate BUS2001 Introduction to Management 3 Korean,Chinese Yes
Introduction to management is interesting class, which focuses an various fieldsin business management and some changes in management skill in the future. Thro-ughout the courses, students will be able to understand some basic knowledge of each field in business management. This class introduces Financial Marketing, Organizational Management, Accounting, Production/Operation Management, MIS, In-dustrial Psychology. In addition, Students discuss some advanced management ski-lls and ethical issues in management.
Undergraduate BUS2003 Marketing Management 3 English,Chinese,Korean Yes
Emphasis is placed on the planning, analysis and control of marketing activities with particular focus on product, promotion, pricing and distribution in marketing management.
Undergraduate BUS2004 Marketing Strategy 3 English,Korean Yes
The course is designed to provide a broad understanding of marketing strategy problems, analysis, decision-making, and evaluation. We will focus on - integration of concepts in this and previous marketing course - application to realistic situations - oral and written skills - quantitative analysis
Undergraduate BUS2005 Consumer Behavior and Brand Marketing 3 English,Korean Yes
This course aims to study consumers' decision making process and the factors which affect the decision of consumers. In particular this course focuses on the brand strategy from perspective of brand managers. The contents of this course include consumer decision making process, brand strategy and consumer behavior brand equity build-up and leveraging strategy frame work of management etc.
Undergraduate BUS2006 Financial Management 3 Korean,English,Chinese,Korean Yes
This course is designed as an introduction to Financial management for undergraduates. The emphasis is on breath rather than depth and a wide range of topics will be covered. Topics include time value of money, stock and bond valuation, capital budgetingefficient capital markets, capital structure, working capital management and dividend policy.
Undergraduate BUS2007 Investments 3 English,Korean Yes
This course is designed to provide the students with an understanding of our financial markets, financial instruments, basic valuation principles and systematic investment management. Topics include operations of financial markets, analysis of financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, options and futures, various model of the capital asset prices, and investment strategies.
Undergraduate BUS2008 International Financial Management 3 Korean Yes
This course aims at establishing a solid foundation for students in assessing global financial market environments as they affect coporate business activities. The topics covered in this course include foreign exchange market, international capital market, and financial risk management, among others.
Undergraduate BUS2009 Foundation of Financial Institutions Management 3 - No
This course is designed to help students understand the basic theories and managerial implications in the field of money and banking and financial insti- tutions. The course covers a wide specturm of theories and applications. Topics include the role and function of money and its linkage to monetary policy, theory of interest rate, the structure and operating mechanism of financial institutions in the money and capital markets, the specifics of financial instruments, the managerial principles and the regulations of financial institutions, and a brief introduction to monetary and fiscal policies.
Undergraduate BUS2010 Human Resource Management 3 English Yes
Human Rersource Management provides students with a comprehesive review of essential personnel management concepts and techniques. This course deals with manpower planning, recruitment, development, compensation, performance appraisal and employee safety.
Undergraduate BUS2011 Marketing Research Methodology 3 English,Korean Yes
The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the skills needed to conduct basic market research studies, work with research departments and/ or companies to obtain the information needed for decision making and to evaluate and interpret research results. The course covers issues of basic data collection and analysis. Methodologies for designing new products, segmenting markets and positioning products. As business managers in every field and at every level are called upon to make decisions on the basis of collected information, most participants will find this course relevant, regardless of their chosen fields of specialization.
Undergraduate BUS2013 Elementary Business Statistics 3 Korean,Chinese,Korean Yes
This course deals with basic concepts of statistical methods for business majorsand minors. - Elementary concepts of probability distribution. - Principles of statistical inference. - Descriptive statistics. - Regression for studying relationship among variables. - Smoothing and forecasting for time series data.
Undergraduate BUS2014 Production and Operations Management 3 Korean Yes
Production and Operations Management is concerned with making sound, cost-effective decisions that improve the quality and productivity of both manufacturing and service organizations. Topics to be covered in this course include product design, facility location, process analysis and layout, automation, inventory policy, production planning, just-in-time quality control. Numerical examples, designed to illustrate the application of quantitative concepts, are included.
Undergraduate BUS2015 Management Information Systems 3 Korean,English,Korean Yes
This course presents the definition, structure, and type of management informa- tion systems in order to provide the framework for aiding students to understnad the current information systems. It also deals with the strategic issues such as using information technology for gaining competitive advantages.
Undergraduate BUS2017 Management Information Processing 3 English,Korean Yes
This course teaches students taken basic computer courses about computer & communication technology applied in business area. It covers Office Automation (OA) System, Data Base Management System(DBMS), User Interface, Local Area Network(LAN), Internet, etc.
Undergraduate BUS2018 International Business 3 Korean,Chinese Yes
This course is designed to introduce students to the problems and possibilities of doing business in an international context. This course covers the background for international business, comparative environmental framework, the theory of international business, management of the foreign direct investment firms, the dynamics of international business-government relationships, corporate policy and strategy of international enterprise, and current issues ofthe international business.
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