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Global Business


The entire coursework at GBA is carried out in English. The faculty members communicate with students in English in order to educate the students to be competent in global business markets.


Trained for 4 years, students’ ability to work using English becomes excellent.



GBA Students are offered the opportunity to obtain dual degrees from renowned Business Schools overseas, such as Kelley School of Business, Indiana University and Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University USA.


For more details on the courses, please refer to the Course Catalog

Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate GBA2036 Quantitative Analysis for Business 3 English Yes
Mathematical models have become an integral part of business. As a course for business majors, this is designed to help students be equipped with knowledge and skills needed for quantitative analysis. We will study various topics including multi-variate calculus, linear algebra, optimization techniques and statistical analysis. We will put emphasis on the analysis of business/economic issues by lending mathematical models we cover throughout the semester. The course should also provide students with quantitative skills they need to advance their knowledge in various subjects such as data analytics and artificial intelligence.
Undergraduate GBA3006 Derivative Securities and Corporate Risk Management 3 English Yes
Advanced treatment of options, futures, and other derivative securities. Detailed description of the entire spectrum of derivative products. Theoretical and numerical valuation of derivative securities. How corporate risk managers use derivatives to hedge exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, commodity risk, credit risk, etc.
Undergraduate GBA3007 International Finance 3 English Yes
This course introduces business students to fundamentals of international finance. It broadly consists of two parts: (1) International Trade and Investment and (2) Emerging Markets. In the first part, we will learn an essential set of tools for understanding the trades and investments in global financial environment. Specifically, we will examine international monetary system and trades between countries, the balance of payments and its economic impact, and lastly the foreign exchange market and currency rates. We will apply this cumulative knowledge to multinational firms’ currency risk management and international investment decisions. In the second part, we will explore unique and interesting issues faced by firms operating in emerging markets. We will study various types of country risks and political risks and learn how they affect the value of emerging market firms. We will then move on to examine corporate governance issues, in which we look at the impact of ownership structure, large shareholder and media on managerial behavior and firm performance. Lastly, we focus on religion and culture in different emerging markets and examine their relevant impacts on firms’ operation. Overall, this course will help business students with a specialization in finance to understand the challenges and opportunities of firms involved in international trade and investment and firms dealing with governments and investors across different countries.
Undergraduate GBA3008 Banking and Financial Intermediation 3 - No
The main topics are (1) the economic role of financial intermediaries, with an emphasis on commercial banks; (2) the evolution of markets in which banks and other financial intermediaries operate; and (3) the regulation of commercial banks and other financial institutions.
Undergraduate GBA3009 Marketing Strategy and Planning 3 English Yes
Focuses on marketing’s role in gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. Topics include competitor analysis, managing competitive interaction, and marketing signaling. Emphasis is on applications through the use of case studies and/or computer game simulation of competitive interaction and the development of a strategic marketing plan.
Undergraduate GBA3010 International Marketing 3 - No
Covers world markets, their respective consumers, and their political/economic marketing environments. Examines the marketing issues required to meet the product, promotion, price, and distribution demands of a world market. Though course has a global orientation, issues specific to exporting are discussed. Counts as one of two courses used to fulfill the International Dimension requirement.
Undergraduate GBA3013 Advertising and Promotion Management 3 English Yes
Basic advertising and sales/promotion concepts. The design, management, and integration of a firm’s promotional strategy. Public policy aspects and the role of advertising in marketing communications in different cultures.
Undergraduate GBA3017 Organizations and Organizational Change 3 English Yes
Analysis and development of organization design and change in order to increase organizational effectiveness.
Undergraduate GBA3019 Personnel-Human Resource Management 3 English Yes
Cross-functional survey of business management. The operations component is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services. Topics include inventory management, demand forecasting, aggregate production planning, shop scheduling, project management, quality control, and layout and process design. Includes a cross-functional case done in teams.
Undergraduate GBA3023 Corporate Financial Strategy 3 - No
Advanced treatment of corporate financial management. Covers all major areas of corporate financial decisions: capital budgeting, dividends, capital structure, cash-flow projections, mergers, and acquisitions.
Undergraduate GBA3024 Channels of Distribution 3 English Yes
Marketing channels are analyzed as organized behavioral systems. Focus is on the institutional structures, relationships, and functions of channels of distribution. Franchising, vertical integration, and vertical channel agreements are also emphasized.
Undergraduate GBA3025 Current Topics in Finance 3 English Yes
The course will provide students with an overview of the issues that are discussed in financial markets. The course will provide students with an overview of contemporary financial events as they occur, and the opportunities to go through financial decision making process in financial markets and corporations.Course content varies. Course is offered only occasionally.
Undergraduate GBA3026 Current Topics in Marketing 3 English Yes
This course focuses on current topics of relevance to research in the field of marketing. Typically, the emphasis is on covering a narrow topic area in depth, rather than on surveying a broad area. Topics will vary from year to year.Course content varies. Course is offered only occasionally.
Undergraduate GBA3027 Focuses on the International Business Environment 3 - No
The national and international environmental aspects of international business. Examines the cultural, political, economic, systemic, legal-regulatory, trade, and financial environments and how they affect the international business activities of firms in selected other countries.
Undergraduate GBA3031 Contemporary Entrepreneurship 3 - No
Survey course designed to enable students to explore the vast opportunities of entrepreneurship. Multidisciplinary approach that examines the macro and microconditions that encourage entrepreneurship. Course objectives are (1) to learn the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, (2) to understand the human side of entrepreneurship, and (3) to encourage entrepreneurial thinking by the student and enable the student to evaluate personal prospects for entrepreneurship.
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